Geosciences team, using the online Geoinformatics, in an attempt to offer better services to its customers, made a record of tolls in Greece. Besides, this is something that interests us all!

The informations includes the name of the station, the company to which it belongs, the type of station (side or frontal), the direction of movement and the corresponding fee in Euro. In addition, for each station the prices for the following categories of vehicles are presented: a) motorcycles b) light vehicles (with or without trailer up to 2.2 meters) c) trucks, buses and other vehicles up to 4 axles and d) trucks and other vehicles with 4 or more axles. At the same time, you are given the opportunity to see the area (in klm) and the name of each motorway separately. At some stations, and especially in categories (c) and (d), the transit value is equal to zero (0). This does not mean that there is no price, but at these stations the motorway management company has more and more detailed categories of discrimination for transit vehicles.

You can check the map memo (arrow at top left <<), zoom (+) or zoom out (-) on the map, select a range of different backgrounds (satellite square icon, roads, etc. ) or center on the middle of the map and finally see the scale (bottom left on the screen).

ArcGIS Online was used to create the map and capture the data.

Navigate the map and see the information that interests you at the link below.

Toll post in Greece