The Geosciences team, using the online Geoinformatics, offers you the 20 September 2015 election results on an interactive map. Navigate the map by selecting the level of the territory or the desired electoral region (depending on the size of the map) and see the information you are interested in.

Parliamentary Elections Results Scoreboard September 2015

You can also change the background or open the memo, while for zooming in and out you can use the + or – symbol (upper left). With the choice in each constituency, in addition to the winner and the percentage, figures such as the population registered, the invalid and the white, the number of seats and the hyperlink for the names of the elected deputies appear.

(The data refers to 100% of the territory as presented on the Ministry of the Interior’s website on September 22, 2015. The geographic boundaries of the territory and the prefectures derive from and in particular from the ECHA. ArcGIS Online application).

The composition of the House, as it results from the allocation of seats.

Electoral Regions / Members of Parliament

Members elected in the 20 September 2015 elections per electoral district, as presented on the official website of the Greek Parliament.

Α’Αθηναίων      Β’Αθηναίων      Λοιπής Αττικής      A’Θεσσαλονίκης      B’Θεσσαλονίκης      A’Πειραιώς      B’Πειραιώς

Άρτας               Έβρου             Αιτωλ/νίας              Αργολίδας               Αρκαδίας                 Αχαΐας             Κεφαλληνίας

Βοιωτίας           Γρεβενών       Δράμας                  Δωδεκανήσου         Ευβoίας                   Ευρυτανίας      Ζακύνθου

Ηλείας              Ημαθίας          Ηρακλείου              Θεσπρωτίας            Ιωαννίνων                Κέρκυρας        Καβάλας

Καρδίτσας        Καστοριάς       Κοζάνης                 Κορινθίας                Κυκλάδων                Λάρισας          Λέσβου

Λακωνίας         Λασιθίου         Λευκάδας               Μαγνησίας              Μεσσηνίας               Ξάνθης            Πέλλας

Πιερίας             Πρέβεζας        Ρεθύμνης               Ροδόπης                 Σάμου                      Σερρών          Τρικάλων

Φθιώτιδας        Φλώρινας        Φωκίδας                 Χίου                        Χαλκιδικής                Χανίων            Κιλκίς