Project manager

He was born in Katerini in 1981. He studied Geography at the School of Social Sciences of the University of the Aegean, with specialization in Geoinformatics and Spatial Analysis. He continued his postgraduate studies in “Geography and Applied Geoinformatics in Anthropogeography and Space Design” of the same department. He has worked as a specialist in geoinformatics systems (G.I.S. expert) in a technical company for studies of public and private projects, in a company responsible for Cadastre and Cadastre, as well as Geoanalyst II, with several years of experience in the collection, processing and digitization of field data on behalf of NOKIA HERE Location & Commerce’s (formerly “NAVTEQ Europe B.V.”). In recent years he has worked as a geoinformatics specialist at the Forest Research Institute (F.R.I). He is a member of the Union of Geographers and has participated in numerous conferences on geoinformatics. He holds a class A, Class 27 degree.

Our goals

In Geosciences we are aming to provide services, inform the public, promote developments in the field of geoinformatics, provide organizational and entrepreneurial advice, as well as highlight current topical issues related to IT and technology.

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