“Geoinformatics, is the science that exploits geographic information and  technologies developed by the IT sector to gather, store, update, manage, process, analyze, visualize and present proposals on problems related to the field sciences and related disciplines. ”

Some of the basic tools used in Geoinformatics are Geographic Information Systems, also known as G.I.S. (Geographic Information Systems), Satellite Positioning Technology, also known as GPS (Global Position System), Aerial and Satellite Image Analysis and Processing Technologies. The combination of the aforementioned technologies and not only presents us with a complete set of spatial and descriptive information, which simply provides us with “geoinformation”, through which we have the possibility to:

  • Perform spatial queries.
  • Analize data.
  • Create maps and models
  • Make better decisions and choose the best solutions.

In other words, we have create a “smart map” tool that allows its users to capture a real world summary, create interactive spatial or descriptive questions (user-generated queries), analyze spatial data, adapt them and attribute them to analogue media (map and chart prints) or to digital media (spatial data files, interactive maps on the Internet).

The distinguished feature of Geoinformatics (linking spatial with descriptive information) makes it a unique tool for collecting, processing and analyzing data, introducing it into business areas such as cadastre, urban planning, water management applications, location of functions, management OTE – DEH – EYDAP networks, mobile telephony, analyzes of economic data and demographic data, military applications, etc.

With all of these important and intelligent spatial and descriptive data management tools and user friendly design, Geoinformatics provides quality solutions to spatial problems in a timely, comprehensible and easily accessible way to the general public.

In Geosciences we can provide for you:

  • Integrated tracking and fleet management, focusing on priorities and needs of our client
  • Processing and other geoscientific data
  • Statistical data analysis
  • Collection and processing spatial data, create geographical databases.
  • Create maps of all types and all scales.
  • Create thematic maps in formats 2 and 3 dimensional (2D & 3D).
  • Scanning, digitizing and geometric correction printed maps.
  • Planning, training and technical support equipment suitable software GIS.
  • Integrated early warning incoming seismic vibration or natural events (design, implementation, maintenance).
  • Make special seminars to learn software Geoinformatics
  • Open Source GIS
  • MathWorks (MatLab)
  • ESRI (ArcGIS)
  • Pitney Bowes Software (MapInfo)
  • Golden Software Surfer

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Our goals

In Geosciences we are aming to provide services, inform the public, promote developments in the field of geoinformatics, provide organizational and entrepreneurial advice, as well as highlight current topical issues related to IT and technology.

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Xenofontos 21,
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(+30) 231 231 44 24