The Company


Geosciences was founded in 2013 by a team of young people with knowledge, vision, professionalism, creativity and excitement, aiming to offer integrated solutions to the broader field of geoenvironment and geoinformatics.

The company is composed of qualified personnel (geologists, geographers, engineers and analysts – programmers), utilizing the unique expertise, knowledge and experience of them, to provide high quality services in geoenvironmental issues (environment, geology, geophysics, hydrogeology, geographic information systems) and technologies and consulting services (environmental law, management, development, EU co-funded projects) both in Greek and international investment.

Our intention is sincere and lasting partnerships. We cover immediately and incessantly every need arise at any time in projects that we are committed to implement.

Our strengths are consistency, hard work and concern for the customer.

We are close to our customer, from the time of the proposal and implementation to support and maintain the project. We aim at creating and developing strong bonds of cooperation. The projects we implement are investing for us, regardless of size, and reflect our principles.

The strategy we follow, follows the motto “on time – within goals – within budget.” Specifically, each project we need to manage and implement based on actual needs of each client. It is designed such that, upon completion of the project, the implementation is within the original time limit, within specifications – objectives set in cooperation with the customer within the agreed budget.

Visit our new office in Thessaloniki, 19th Frangone Street, on the 5th floor, and discover our practical solutions / suggestions for you and your business.

Fragkon 19, 5th floor

54626, Thessaloniki

(+30) 211 800 44 24

(+30) 211 800 44 34

Our goals

In Geosciences we are aming to provide services, inform the public, promote developments in the field of geoinformatics, provide organizational and entrepreneurial advice, as well as highlight current topical issues related to IT and technology.

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Xenofontos 21,
56430, Stavroupoli

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